Hourly Rate Work

We not only offer contracted prices. We also offer hourly rates. Great for people managing their own project without the machinery or know how. We have a very new fleet and very talented operators and carpenters so you get the most bang for your buck. We have been told by several customers, it’s cheaper to hire us than to rent.


Price List:

Building Construction: $35 an hour per guy

15 ton Excavator: $85 a hour  (10 hour minimum)

*Excavator has Hydraulic thumb, Hydraulic Quick Coupler and several different buckets and attachments.

8,000 # mini Excavator: $65 a hour (5 hour minimum)

12,000 # mini Excavator: $70 a hour (5 hour minimum)

*Mini Excavators have several different buckets, attachments and hydraulic thumbs.

8,000 # Track-steer: $70 a hour (5 hour minimum)

8,000 # Skid steer:  $70 a hour (5 hour minimum)

*A large variety of different attachments available for the tracksteer and skidsteer.

18,000# Dozer: $85 a hour (10 hour minimum)

Tri-axel or Tandem Dump Truck: $90 a hour

Discounts available to longer time frames! Prices include fuel and trained operator. Hauling is additional and widely varies depending on location and machine. Contact us for exact pricing for you.