Retaining Walls

LedgestoneLimited on a space to make a slope? Or just like the space and flat levels that a retaining walls provide. They are a great way to make flat areas and have a lot of usable space. They also have a very nice look. We install large block retaining walls with a variety of different patterns. The advantages of large block walls are you able to install high walls without reinforcement due to the weight of the blocks. So if you are limited on space behind the wall and can’t put thirty feet of geofabric in because you would run into you’re neighbor’s property these are a great solution. They also save you money, The amount of time and labor is reduced significantly compared to other retaining walls therefore saving you money. They are also great in an area where there is traffic, large animals or anything else that may knock other styles of retaining walls down. These blocks weigh around a ton each so they aren’t going to be knocked over. We can also have engineered prints made for an additional fee. Feel free to call or email us anytime.